Uttar Yatra with Goonj

  • Who should participate in Uttar Yatra?
  • Students, Teachers, Corporate Professionals, Social Development Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Fellows (such as TFI, SBI-YFI, Gandhi Fellowship and likewise) and all Concerned Citizens of our society can apply. All those who have a desire to know grass-roots issues and how an NGO like Goonj is working, will hugely benefit from this Yatra. 
  • What is financial contribution required for the participation in the Uttar Yatra?
  • INR 14600/- per person
  • This is 5D-4N Yatra officially which starts at 2.00 PM on 1st June, 2019 and concludes at  around 8.00 PM on 5th June, 2019.  All the expenses related to accommodation, travel and food (breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner) for the above mentioned period are covered in the amount mentioned.
  • Is financial aid available for the participation in the Uttar Yatra?
  • Yes. Based on merit and case to case basis.
  • Please write a mail to us at nitesh@empathyconnects.org with your contact number.
  • Where is the Venue and how to reach?
  • Venue to start the Yatra on 1st June 2019 is at Goonj’s Sarita Vihar Office in New Delhi.
  • More information on the institute can be found on its website.The venue is easily accessible via Road and Delhi Metro
  • What is the mode of payment?

Method 1: Payment can be made from the link: https://eazypay.icicibank.com/homePage

  • Follow the steps:
        • Enter Institution Name: TATHAASTU SOCIAL INITIATIVES
        • Enter details: Name, Mobile number, Amount
        • Enter OTP, received on the mobile number entered above
        • Select Payment Method; Debit Card, Net Banking etc.
        • Proceed for the payment.

    Method 2: Direct online transfer to the following account:

    Tathaastu Social Initiatives

  •                         Acc No. 032601003091
  •                         ICICI Bank
  •                         Govind Nagar Branch, Kanpur
  •                         IFSC Code: ICIC0000326
  • Where and when should I report?
  • Selected participants will have to report at the venue Goonj’s Office in Sarita Vihar, New Delhi at 1.00 PM on 1st June 2019. We will come back to Delhi on 5th June, 2019 at around 8.00 PM, after that participants can leave for their respective places accordingly.
  • How to apply?
  • For registering Online, Click Here


  • What are Empathy Connects Yatras?
  • Empathy Connects Yatras are life-changing experiences designed to give participants a view of entirely different cultures and their way of living. Away from the timelines and headlines, there are places, profiles and people who still live it their way. On each yatra, participants will know about the ground problems and their indigenous ways of solving them. At most of the places we visit, these solution are sustainable and has been scaled as a movement. We interact with social change leaders and people behind these movements. Enjoying the cultural diversity through home stays, local food, festivals, and art & crafts is an integral part of the yatra.
  • Who can apply?
  • Change seekers with an ardent passion to solve social problems are invited. However, to maintain the diversity of participation and quality of interaction we have a interview process to select upto 30 change seekers in each yatra.
  • What is the Selection Process?
  • Every applicant will be first evaluated on the basis of the essay submitted while applying. It would be followed by a telephonic interview of the promising candidates. We believe on maintaining high quality and diversity of the Yatris. There are only limited seats in each Empathy Connects Yatra hence this selection becomes competitive. Seats will be filled on rolling basis. So the sooner you apply the more chances you have for selection.
  • What is the financial contribution structure?
  • We conduct Empathy Connects Yatras round the year and financial contribution varies according to logistics of each place. The expenses of accommodation, food and travel during the Yatra are covered through this contribution from the boarding point.
  • What is mode of travel?
  • Generally trains, buses and cars but we sometimes walk extra miles to know the remotest of places. We know that’s fun, isn’t it?
  • Where will I stay during the tour?
  • Camps and Rural home stays. The organising team will make your stay comfortable and safe on the route and our team, volunteers and the support staff will be living with you.
  • What type of food I will get?
  • We will be serving vegetarian food during the Yatra. As we want you to experience local culture,we will be serving local food of that region. We will serve breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.
  • Things which we do not encourage during the Yatra
  • Consumption of Alcohol, Cigarettes and Tobacco are strictly not allowed during the Yatra. We also want to keep the environment clean and don’t want our participants litter during the Yatra. We request every participant to keep the luggage as minimal as possible.


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