There is only a school children sign board still standing tall, rest all is shattered after Uttarakhand floods. Know what lifts up their spirit, listen their stories of rejuvenation. Uttar Yatra is a journey to witness Goonj’s wonderful efforts to lift up people’s spirit in the spiritual lands of Uttarakhand. 

“GOONJ…A Voice, an effort”

Goonj is the first one to highlight clothing as a basic but an unaddressed need which deserves a place on development agendas. Creating value by re-positioning discard of urban households as a development resource for villages, Goonj has amazingly evolved the genesis of a parallel economy- which is not ‘Cash’ based but ‘Trash’ based. Implementing two powerful new currencies for development work, i.e., Material and Labor.

During Uttar Yatra we would be understanding Goonj’s vision and highly efficient implementation model withstanding even in most difficult terrains of Uttarakhand.

“Anshu Gupta – The Clothing Man of India

Anshu Gupta, popularly known as the Clothing Man is the Founder of an Indian based nonprofit – Goonj. One of India’s leading social entrepreneurs, Anshu brings to the table an instinctive empathy and connect with people, moving the focus from the conventional – giver’s pride to the unconventional – receiver’s dignity. Asia’s Noble, the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay award 2015, conferred to him credited him for ‘his creative vision in transforming the culture of giving in India, his enterprising leadership in treating cloth as a sustainable development resource for the poor, and in reminding the world that true giving always respects and preserves human dignity’.

We would start Uttar Yatra with an enriching session with Mr. Anshu Gupta.

Cloth For Work

Goonj works on turning old material as a resource for hundreds of rural development activities. Communities have built huge bamboo bridges, dug up wells, have done bunding of acres of land, developed small irrigation canals, have built drainage systems, built village schools and have taken up massive exercises of repairing roads, developing water harvesting systems  to cleaning  up water bodies. All these works are done not by paying wages to people but by making them understand their own community power, using old material as a reward. Goonj is using material from the cities as an entry point into people’s lives. This is a work where not only the old underutilized material fills up the gaps of resources in development works but is also dignifying the act of Giving, now thousands of people don’t get material as charity or donation but earn as reward in lieu of their work.

“Not just a piece of cloth (NJPC) – A million voices

Goonj started the NJPC (Not Just a Piece of Cloth) initiative in 2005. NJPC is focused on opening up the most taboo and ignored subject of menstrual hygiene: a female health hazard by involving the masses in generating an affordable cloth napkin. The NJPC programme is a nationwide intervention, which not only starts with providing a physical product but stresses more on changing practices, behavioural patterns, education and replication in the long term. MY Pad, Goonj’s clean cloth pad is developed out of old cloth collected from urban masses. It is made with highly indigenous processes while also educating the user women to make it on their own.


19th May, 2017 (Day 0): Interactive session with Mr. Anshu Gupta and Empathy Connects orientation activities.

20th May, 2017 (Day 1): Ganga Arti at Haridwar, Travelling to Uttarkashi, pahadi home stays and local cuisines. A serene evening with Pahadi people.

21st May, 2017 (Day 2): Trekking to another village, Interaction with local community, witnessing Goonj’s work, bonefire at the bank of The Ganges.

22nd May, 2017 (Day 3): A ride to Sangam Chatti Valley, witnessing the outcomes of Uttarakhand Floods, Travelling back to Delhi.


Some of the amazing pictures of Goonj’s Work.

Uttarakhand Floods

A session on menstrual hygiene in Uttarakhand

Ashoka Award

Sukhasan bridge- Goonj’s first bridge

Sujni making

Fire in Goonj Delhi processing center in Oct 2015

Mumbai floods

Chennai floods 2005

Some of the amazing pictures from our previous Yatras.

Getting ready for Halma

Heading for Halma

Bhili girls in Bhagoria

With Bow and Arrow

Yatris participating in Halma

Meeting Local community

Yatris in Bhagoria with traditional Pagdi

Yatris with founders of Shivganga


There is a lot of hard work, dedication, honesty in the members of Empathy Connects Yatras. Empathy Connects provided me a platform to explore myself and connect me with social entrepreneur and people who are doing good for society.

– Deepak Kumar

Founder & President at Pehal

Dhanbad, Jharkhand


Being a civil services aspirant, I was really excited about witnessing such a huge movement being organized. It has been a huge learning curve for me. It is said that a journey of thousand miles starts with a single step. I feel that this Halma Yatra with ‘Team Empathy Connects’ has been my first step.

– Prasanth Naidu

IIT Kharagpur, Civil Service Aspirant

New Delhi


Empathy Connects will let you discover the unknown, obscure places. The place and culture which you will not find in google. I got to know about more about rural India and how they are happily and sustain-ably fighting with their challenges. Yatra has broaden my perspective and knowledge. I will highly recommend this to the one who has inclination towards rural development and social change.

– Navneet Maheshwari

Sparc Fellow, Swaniti Initiative

Hisar, Haryana


It is just seemingly impossible to come out of the trip we went through. Such a learning exercise to know that how society as a whole can function in a much better way if we all unite to work towards a common motive with cooperation, coordination and discipline. Each Yatri possessed commendable experiences, a beautiful and innocent heart and smile on face.

– Mukul Kaushik

IIT Roorkee, ARB Trading

New Delhi

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